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Reference Services

The IOU Libraries provide reference services to all researchers, students, and faculty members during operation hours. The reference desk staff are available to provide all kinds of reference services to the library users.

Reference services are the services provided by the
reference department in a library that helps the library patron to get access
to the information that they needed.  The
IOU Libraries reference department provide library user with direction to the
library materials, give advice on library collections and services on various
kind of information form variety of sources.  The library staff of IOU provide the Information
literacy skills to all kind of libraries users. The IOU Libraries, also User
guidance, in which users are guided in selecting the most appropriate information
sources and services and fulfill and satisfy their information needs.  There are many services which the reference
librarian provides to all uses. Some of them are as follows:

Using Libraries Catalogue

The Reference librarian can teach the
students and user on how to use the library catalogue or recommend the proper
keywords or subject that are used in the library catalogue for the topic that
the user wants.

How to find books on shelves/ as
well as in the database

The IOU Librarians are able to help
user to go directly to the shelves with books on a certain topic without using
the catalogue. To find the E Books and other digital libraries using and finding
books training also provide by the IOU Libraries staff.

Using Online database

The IOU Libraries, also guide and
teach the library user how to find and using the library online database for research

 Advice on searching

The librarian can recommend reliable web sites, give advice on searching
the Internet for information, and evaluate the reliability of the information
on web sites.