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Director's Message

As Director of the International Open University Libraries, I would like to extend you all an invitation to our libraries, your gateway to a world of information and resources. I am very pleased to welcome you to the International Open University Libraries website. The Library web portal will provide plenty of useful information, Services and resources. The new web portal allows user friendly, easier and quick information retrieval. Through these web pages you will find most of the information that you need about the Libraries, their collections and services. Libraries are the heart of any academic institution and are considered the backbone of any civilized society. The paradigm has been shifted from print to electronic resources, hence there is a dire need of a virtual library which provides access on mobile devices.

The current library portal and library database are designed to international standards. You will find links to the online catalog, electronic books and journal articles, and the various ways to obtain information from the Reference Librarians. You will also discover how you can use the Libraries and their resources effectively and expediently.

The International Open University Libraries aim to enrich learning, teaching and research programs of the University by providing timely access to high quality scholarly information and learning material in a variety of formats. With this mission in mind, the Libraries aim to be a premier provider of knowledge- based information resources and user-focused services.

Our aim is to provide the most effective services according to the needs of users: lending, references, current awareness, selective dissemination, provision and information. You can access our library catalog, e-books, and e-journals articles from wherever you are working.

We also offer inter library loan facility and aim to strengthen the partnership of national and international libraries.

I would like to welcome you to the International Online University Libraries, my trustees and I would like to invite you to join us in turning the key to a world of knowledge and information found nowhere else. Director Libraries International Online University.