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Other Free Books

1 – Abacci eBooks

Over a thousand free e-books for the Pocket PC & the PC (LIT files formatted for Microsoft Reader). Includes Amazon.com reviews. A selection of both classic & lesser-known works, thanks to site owner Peter Shanks, who personally formatted many. Titles

2 – Baen Free Library

Commercial bookstore offers free e-books in HTML Ms Reader, Palm, Rocket & RTF formats. Registration requested.

3 – Bookrags

1,500 classic titles available, for Palm or other handheld devices.

4 – Dr Jack Cross’s Electronic Archive

A collection of Dr Jack Cross’s writings, plus major historical works deposited with the Bodleian Library. Many are PDFs. Under “Fragments of our Lives: Primary Sources” includes many of the seminal historical source documents of the modern Western world, from Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad, & The History of Herodotus toThe Anglo Saxon Chronicle and key works by Dante, Milton, Goethe, Darwin and many more.

5 – Elegant Solutions Software & Publishing Company

Elegant Solutions Software & Publishing Company have a great free e- book site, with books downloadable to your PC: Motto:” Ebooks for people who think”. Don’t forget to check out Kate’s page or the children’s page there, for wonderful classic tales for young & old. Titles

(Download Microsoft Reader from “Useful Links” to read books from this site)

6 – Free Online Novels and Cyberbooks

Nearly fifty new novels ranging over many genres, including SF/Fantasymysteryromancehumour and lots more. A gift from new authors seeking your attention. Either as HTML or as downloadable files.

7 – InTechOpen!

InTechOpen is a fast-growing Open Access reading platform for InTech publications, enabling free access to the latest research developments within the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. Read, download & share more than 420 FREE SCIENTIFIC BOOKS.

8 – Literature @ SunSITE

Collection of digital literary texts from famous, mostly U.S.authors. May be read online, printed, or downloaded for further study.

9 – Litrix Reading Room

Features works of literature in English, including classics, mysteryhorrorsci-fiwesternsSherlock HolmesAmericana. In HTML. For reading online, or save each chapter to read offline in your web browser. Thanks to novelist Stan Jones of Anchorage, Alaska.

10 – Lysator Free e-books

Lysator is a lively academic computer society & major e-publishing stalwart located at Linköping University in Sweden. Here are a few miscellaneous e-texts they offer.

11 – ManyBooks

Free PDA e-books. Many thousands of public domain e-books from Project Gutenberg and elsewhere. They’re available here either to read online in plain text or formatted to download for the Adobe Reader, Palm eReader, Palm Doc, iSilo, Rocketbook and other r-reader softwares.

12 – Mary Jo’s E-texts for the Palm

Her selections include the Oz Books, a number of classics in literature, & various fan fiction. All files are zipped for easy downloading.

13 – Memoware

Memoware have lots of free documents in a multiplicity of categories and a variety of formats for Palms & other PDAs. Award-winning site.

14 – MS (Microsoft) Reader (.lit) e- books

Over 1,500 available. You may search the listings by “author”, “title” & “most popular” headings.

15 – Munsey’s

A goodly range of free e-books! Over 20,000 rare and hard to find titles in 10 formats.

16 – PalmPilot E-Text Ring

80+ sites featuring free or for-purchase texts formatted for Palm readers.

17 – PDA Librarian

Jill Thompson of Greencastle-Antrim High School in Pennsylvania’s site. Jill offers small but carefully-chosen selections in the following categories: Outstanding Books for the College Bound; Best Novels Written in the English Language; Downloads Available by Author; Great Books For Teens; Political Documents. Also Educational Uses For PDAs, plus other helpful information.

18 – Planet PDF Free eBooks area

Recent asset for popular classic novels in the PDF format.

19 – Qvadis Library

Qvadis Library offers nearly 6,000 e-text titles in 32 categories, all free. All formatted for Palm OS devices.

20 – Read Print

A great selection of free classic novels, stories, plays and non-fiction available online from over ninety authors. Browse the author list for your favourites.

21 – Scorpius Digital Publishing

Scorpius Digital Publishing have many free e-books available. Only avaialble for reading in Microsoft Reader. (Download Microsoft Reader from “Useful Links” to read books from this site)

22 – StoneGarden Net Publishing

Free or inexpensive e-books in both fiction and nonfiction. In Microsoft Reader and Adobe PDF formats. Registration (free) with this site is required.Free or inexpensive e-books in both fiction and nonfiction. In Microsoft Reader and Adobe PDF formats. Registration (free) with this site is required.

23 – Tale Wins

Tale Wins Marleen Roberts’ site for authors & readers.

24 – Webooks.com eLibrary

A Links to over 2,200 free e-books in html, for reading online. In 16 broad categories (BusinessClassics, Computers/Internet, Engineering, Entertainment, Life Sciences, Humanities, Gen. Science, Medicine, Society, Phys. Sci/Math and Teens and Kids) also includes journals & magazines.

25 – WORD IQ

IQ Over ten thousand online e-books, in plain text. Available in order of popularity or search for title.