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Using Social Media tools for Training

Media is disruptive technology for marketing, promotions and communication. In today
world the Social Media plays a very key role in the development of Library
Services, Marketing, training. These tools are they gateway to find their
target customers, an opportunity that many libraries struggling to find their
place in the modern information world, are seeking to exploit. In Libraries
sectors they social media plays a key role for conducting training session and
to educate the users in large scales with best way.  The presence through social media is the
demand of the 21 century students. Using social media tools for the training purpose
in today world is considered to be one of the effective way. As established by
this research, young people at college are users of a range of SM tools and so
could offer an insight into how they use them from an end-user perspective.

is the key to 21stcentury communication with library users, and enables the
academic library to pursue its mission and goals online, while promoting
library resources and services. We offer a wide range of training session for
the library user through these tools. Instant Chat option is already enable to
the website and every user can contact the Librarian through these tools.  You tub, Facebook, instant Chat, twitter, link
din is being used for the IOU Library user in order to provide best and timely services.